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  1. Most lovers of both movies and the strange seem to know a giallo film when they see one. A certain combination of mystery, crime, violence and eroticism (or at least beautiful women). But a definition for the genre is a bit slippery. How far back can we trace the style? What do you all think is the earliest film that has most of the elements of the giallo that would come to make it so recognizable in the 1970's?

  2. Romain Gary's Kill! I've always wanted to see this film and when I read that ETC had copies I bought one. The audio and video qualities are acceptable. This is a true 70s psychotronic classic, totally unpredictable in its plotting. The music by Pisano and Chaumont is incredible. Only in the late 60s and the 1970s could this have been produced. Life ended tragically for Seberg and Gary in real life, instigated by the FBI which admitted wrongdoing on their part.